The Void

When I look at you I completely know what we have. But there is just this feeling inside that I can't seem to find- it's there but it is also very hollow. Maybe they are attached to the things I wish for: your support in every little adventureyour understandingyour selflessnessyour interests in all things trivial.… Continue reading The Void

Culture of Nothingness

I can hear the pain in your voice, yet still you say nothing is wrong. I can see the tears rolling down your face, yet still you say nothing. I have heard stuff that you are going through, but you opened not your heart to share it with someone. Why does it feel so wrong… Continue reading Culture of Nothingness

Disappear with Me

A few years ago one of the sweetest couple I know suffered an unimaginable accidental loss. There is always something about accidents and loss that almost always remind us of three things: as humans we are vulnerablewe should always cherish the life we live andour life can be shorter than what we have in mind.… Continue reading Disappear with Me

For My Father, I hope you can read

There is so much damage that can be done to a child who does not have the right tools as he/she grows. Sometimes we have all the material things, a traditional family (mom, dad and child), one parent (a mom or a dad) or an adoptive parent (strangers who become your own flesh and blood)… Continue reading For My Father, I hope you can read

Quarantine and Think

When it comes on to the future there is always a high level of uncertainty. Despite this known phenomenon, we are still grappling with this pandemic and its effects on our lives. We are wrapped in a never ending cycle of disbelief and are very much puzzled by the current disruption we are encountering. For… Continue reading Quarantine and Think

The complex road to a man’s heart

The complexity of human interaction can be found in one of our most humble characteristics - our uniqueness. The more I keep in touch with people the more it is obvious that no two people are a like. Whether it be on a social or an intimate level, we find ourselves hanging out or planning… Continue reading The complex road to a man’s heart

The Black Woman and The Weight on her Shoulders

There is so much stigma when it comes on to the expectation of who the black woman should be. For those who are black and a woman, if someone should ask you to describe who you are as a black woman, what would you say? I am sure that some of the words that you… Continue reading The Black Woman and The Weight on her Shoulders

Every Parent

There are many things that shape us into the person we are today. The family, however, is the first and most important source of socialization that imparts knowledge, beliefs and values. The title alludes to one element of our family. An element that is subjective and critical in determining how we turn out to be.… Continue reading Every Parent