Miss you Part 2

I miss you everyday.

I honestly thought that I would carry on without remembering you every second and in every moment of happiness, but I do.

I really wish we had more time together. I wish you going away was not so sudden.

And the funniest of all, sometimes I wonder if you are somewhere- perhaps a prank- and you will call me pretty soon.

When I drive and talk to myself and when I drive and sing, I wonder if you are right there looking with a smile on your face and saying, “she’s so crazy to be having this whole conversation with herself!”

I never know I would be forced to live without you. But I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far!

I miss you in this moment more than ever! To bear my burden and sorrows with me! To remind me that this now I experience is only just now and that you will be ok soon, which means that I also will be ok.

I just wish I could speak to you and I could hear your voice responding- offering comfort and hope!

I really do miss you!

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