Do people really care?

I have been through a few stages of the oversharer, the undersharer and the secretive.

And at every stage I am changed by my interactions with people. I have found that telling your problems to professional strangers oftentimes work out better than sharing with friends.

Do you really think only listening is enough? Do you really think only offering hope is enough? Do you really think only offering some philosophical speech or phrases is enough? Or do you really think only offering religious comfort is enough?

The thing is action speaks louder than words.

Those who are hurting sometimes need more than the customary and platonic phrases that you have to offer.

It’s really a matter of time before the hurt feels as though no one truly cares.

As I go through my phases I realize how selfish people can be. I am absolutely not belligerent because it should be my desire to also be selfish.

I should be selfish with my presence, my help and my advice.

Because isn’t it what everyone else is doing ?

“Oh I’m so sorry you going through this,” “everything will work out,” “the lord will keep you through”

But then no one checks on you continuously until you are heal. Or they check a day after, totally forget about you or people are just busy with their own problems and busy figuring out their solutions for their own issues.

Funny right?

Or should we just say people aren’t selfish and blame the world.

The fast-paced world that we live in. The world where someone is hurting, ill or die and we just make a post or send a text with our blessings and condolences then move right on- living our lives like the selfish beings we are.

I know I love to overextend myself but guess what no more. I’m sorry I can’t be the difference but it’s a little too much for me to handle. I’ll hear your story and move on from it- as you would hear mine and move on.

And no it’s not that I don’t care but I’m learning to be as selfish as you.

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