There is so much we do to make things better for ourselves, our loved ones and even strangers.

These little things are our sacrifices.

The need to restrict ourselves from certain material and abstract gain is more often a challenge than a happy stroll in the park.

Sacrifices do not happen effortlessly but oftentimes require strategic planning and discipline. While the former can easily be written down in stages for us to follow to achieve our goal, the latter requires strict self restriction- that most of us do find difficult to maintain.

The thing about understanding sacrifices that I find amusing is that it works similar to situations that require empathy.

Most times the people we make sacrifices on behalf of are not empathetic because they are on the receiving end of the relationship. They do not take the time to put themselves in our position to be fully appreciative of the things the giver/ doer does.

Only a few would ever understand or try to take the time to understand, how you had to be their for them, do a task for them or give them something at your inconvenience.

I recently encountered a situation where I felt like my sacrifices are/were not appreciated. But after deciphering the situation and the words that were said, I came to understand that not everyone will truly and fully understand the things givers have to do and endure in order to make a favor come through for them, to get that dream gift they desire, to pay that tuition or to be there emotionally- because the truth is sometimes people’s problems can be draining to the listening ear.

And I do know that most of us like to say that one should do/give without any expectation.

But who really does want to know that the things they do, give or the sacrifices they had to make is not appreciated?

So to the ones who have the luxury of just calling whether to an Earthly or Heavenly entity and their callings are answered, please remember to not only say thanks in the moment but try to be grateful to the extent by which you can easily understand the sacrifices that were made so you could get what you wanted.

Take the time to let others who help you know that their help is really appreciated.

And more importantly, learn to be empathetic towards those who have to make sacrifices on your behalf.

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